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Default Re: I can't take it anymore! Wife smokes, I don't. Tips are welcome!

I smoked for like 20 years I quit in Feb of 2009

If you want to quit - remember: if you can make it three days without one puff
that's half the battle and if you can make it 3 days - you can make it 7
and if you can make it 7 days you can go another 7 etc...

This is how I quit I first told myself 3 days - if I made it I went for 7
I failed at least 5 times somewhere in this process but kept trying for those three days
one day I realized I hadn't smoked in 10 days - three months later I had a cig and it tasted so aweful I literally took 2 puffs and said forget this! Never went back.

It is true that no-one can make you quit you have to want it for yourself.
Incentives are nice but in the long run your wife will have to want it for herself.

My advice is positive enforcement rather than negative.
Keep telling her all the benefits of being free of such an addiction.
Tell her you are are more attracted to her when she is not smoking.

offer to help her in anyway - eCigs - nic-gum anything...

although I quit smoking - nicotine still has a grip on me as now I chew

tobacco - its a terrible thing.
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