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Default Re: I can't take it anymore! Wife smokes, I don't. Tips are welcome!

smoking is a sickness. if you are looking to quit, then you have already lost. to quit infers to give up something that would've been positive if you'd just stuck with it to the end. who wants to be a quitter? perhaps a better way to think about it (if you want to) is to leave smoking behind.

this came from the allen carr book (allen carr's easy way to stop smoking)

it has helped me stop an ugly, heavy habit which lasted over 15 years. if you want to stop and haven't read this book, give it a shot. it shoots down all the reasons we give ourselves, why we need a cigarette. it also explains why replacement therapy or cutting down to the weekends only, doesn't work.

to the OP, give your wife the book to may help, doesn't cost anything (you may be able to find it at the library)

i don't have anything to gain from pushing this book. it's just great to be able to taste food again, not stink, have cash to spend on better things, not get pestered by nonsmokers, not get pestered by smokers who want a smoke, not hack in the morning etc... plus relapse factor is low to none because all the reasons i told myself i needed a smoke are defused. when you guys/gals are ready, have a look at the allen carr book. freedom to gain, imprisonment to lose....
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