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Originally Posted by RSapeta92 View Post
Travis Barker may not have the craziest chops, but you must take into consideration what genre he is playing. In Blink, it would be very easy for someone to make the most simple of punk beats (think quarter notes on the hats, and a double on bass before snare hits on 2 and 4); but Travis has made some great creative stuff. You may bash on him for how he looks, how his set up is (imo, its awesome when you can play a simple set up and keep everything intricate and interesting), or what you think you have seen of him in the media, but the guy has brought a technical level of drumming to a genre where mediocrity is common. The guy may not have the coolest solos, and he may like to bang his drums pretty roughly (hey, uh...wasnt bohnam famous for hitting hard?.....hmmm), but he certainly deserves credit.

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