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Default Re: I can't take it anymore! Wife smokes, I don't. Tips are welcome!

Quitting is easy, I've done it lots of times.

I hadn't smoked for several years when my wife and I met and got married. She's never smoked. But somewhere along the way I fell off the wagon and started up again, then quit, and restarted, and on and on to this day (although now I don't smoke at home or anytime when we're together, which means every weekend is a withdrawal weekend).

The last round, my wife read something about higher success rates for smokers trying to quit when there's an incentive attached. Knowing my love of new gear and cymbals, she offered up a cash incentive and I started having fantasies of getting a 24" kick drum. All I had to do was quit for 6 months.

Well, I made it and got my new bass drum! Erm, except that I've sorta fallen off the wagon again... We talked about it and we decided that it was a carrot / stick approach that was missing the stick part. Now I get nothing new until I quit again.

I'm gearing up for it.
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