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Originally Posted by Hellwyck View Post
I - as wellas alot of people I know are pretty hard-core metal fans (as well as a "hardcore metal" fans) and we don't get all elitist or pigeon hole bands.
Yes, we call Municipal Waste "Thrash metal" and Napalm Death "Grind" but that because they are!

I think you're mistaking the "elitist yet loudest" minority for the "true fan base" majority.
He is referring to the millions of posts on youtube that follow most metal videos with people going back and forth calling each other names because they disagree about which exact genre said video is in, and further name calling over if said video is any good.

It may only be a minority of teenage e-thugs who don't represent the majority, but that doesn't change his point that it happens.

But seriously, you and Frost are doing it now, going back and forth over what band fits into what mico-sub-genre. And using terms like "because they are." Seriously, what does it matter? It's a description of how one band sounds relative to another, it's not a term that DEFINES the band once and for all.

And it's all relative.

If one only listens to light classical music, or traditional country, Linkin Park might as well be extreme metal.

Like back in the 80's and Poison always got lumped into the metal scene, even though their is nothing remotely metal about them. But compared to Duran Duran, MTV figured they were. Motorhead is considered one of the godfathers of metal, yet Lemmy himself has said over and over again Motorhead is just a rock and roll band and he doesn't see his band as metal at all. It just depends on where you're coming from.

When I was a kid, Ozzy was considered pretty extreme. Now he's mild classic rock that my 4 year old listens too. Again, it's all relative.
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