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Originally Posted by Hellwyck View Post
Someone I used to know got called "the leading authority in metal"
We called him "an elitist prick".

I just gave my personal opinion on a band.
And that is what counts obviously. Just because you don't find them heavy, does not mean that others do not.


The people who call Linkin Park "abrasive" usually think Nothing Else Matters is the heaviest Metallica get to.
A lot of people think Linkin Park are shit.
I agree, on the point of Linkin Park being shit, but that doesn't mean that some music that is considered metal is not accessible to ears that hard commercial rock, whether it be Linkin Park, Skillet, System Of A Down, Disturbed or any other band along that vein, is not.


You mentioned a ton of death metal bands in your first reply to me, then you mentioned Pantera.
I have no idea who you are or how your mind works or your background in heavy music so I assumed you were classing Pantera in with Morbid Angel.
Your original post to me was,

"Industrial is heavier than metal, it's designed to be.
I haven't heard any mainstream rock that's heavier than Morbid Angel, Vader, Berzerker... tho'"

To which I responded, not all metal is death metal, as a blanket statement to make the point that some metal is easier to listen to then the bands you mentioned,

To which I followed by saying, after your sarcasm at my response, that "there are different degrees of heaviness" and that a lot of metal is vastly different to say, Pantera or Morbid Angel (who are quite different themselves, if you want to go into pedantics), which is why I dislike people, people being the post I responded to before you confronted me, pigeon-holing it. Not all metal is heavy to all ears, your belief Sunn are not (heavy "to a metalhead") is proof of that.

Thanks, I mean this in the nicest way when I say "you've just tried to teach me to
suck eggs".
I made that comment in order to try bring the conversation back to my original point, which was that I dislike the blanket statements like, I dislike metal, because metal is a very diverse thing.
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