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the mindsets of jazz and metal lover was what I meant by stereotyping, to imply there is a certain mindset to applies to metal lovers. That was the core of my "rant".

By things I meant your comment on learning from the jazz crowd, who stereotype and cripple the genre, I'll watch my wording in future.

I agree with that point, my original post which sparked all of this was display my distaste for blanket statements such as, I dislike metal, as metal means a lot of things, and it's quite possible you do dislike most metal, but that doesn't mean you wont hear something you like.

You mentioned hardcore aficionados in a conversation about metal, I presume you mean metal aficionados, as it is a common mistake people make.

Hardcore isn't metal, by hardcore I believe you mean the genre (often confused with metal) not a hardcore fan, in the sense of the word, like a hardcore sports fan. I think you understand where I made that mistake.

I know they are bad for business and give metal a bad name, I do not disagree with you on this.

Yet another misunderstanding.

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Actually had I said pigeonhole things your rant may have gone somewhere.

However, I actually said I've always found it amazing how their hardcore aficianados pigeonhole the genres with the same ferocity of the jazz aficiandos.

If you study that comment a little harder than you did the first time you'll see I'm NOT saying all metal anything. The word all was your insertion not mine.

Also understand that I never make a comment on this forum that I don't either investigate or know something about first. Your assumptive opening comments about what you believe I know or don't know was poor tact and simply misinformed. Of course I know metal is diverse. My discussion revolved around the behavior of pigeoholers. Interestingly you rarely see this kind of pigeonholing in classical music and it's one of the reasons their fans don't come off so badly on the Internet in much the way of the jazz and metal aficianados. For example you don't see impressionists questioning the authenticity of Haydn classicists or try to determine if The Three Tenors are the real deal or just a poppy adaptation. It's just classical music...period.

Come on're better than this. You know as well as I do that hardcore (meaning behavior not genre specific) metal aficianados are the most vocal and demonstrative proponents of metal... and like the goofy jazz aficianados are bad for business.
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