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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Metal is incredibly diverse, I doubt your idea or knowledge of the subject covers a lot of it, there is stuff within the metal spectrum that is also within the jazz spectrum, the whole genre is rife with avant-garde and diverse influences, that is where so many of the arguments stem from.

You mentioned not pigeon-holing things, but then completely contradicted yourself by pigeon-holing metal lovers. A lot of metal guys do not care what the jazz crowd think, and listen to/like jazz. Some care, but there are jazz musicians who are under the impression metal is nothing but mindless noise and promotes hatred and violence. Plenty of metal musicians also play traditional styles of jazz or classical, I know a cellist from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra who plays in a doom/death band.

I don't think metal is self-destructive at all, some metal-heads/bands/artists are, obviously when some people are playing with fire, pouring out emotions, they're going to get burnt, it is the same with any music, or even film, that plays heavily on intensity.

A lot of metal is very progressive, free-thinking and full of musical open-mindedness. I'm repeating myself with this second example, but the violinist of local Melbourne metal band Ne Obliviscaris has a Bachelor of Honours in Performance Music and recently spent time with Jean-Luc Ponty when he was in Australia.

I think you'll find stereotyping all metal fans a mistake, if anything, I'm a testament to that, I listen to a lot of different music in any given day, including some very heavy metal and some quite mild jazz and post rock. I was playing A Silver Mt. Zion yesterday, along with Miles Davis, Chet Baker and Isahn (the solo project of the frontman from Emperor, a very big name in the Norwegian black metal scene).

The root of all this was me trying to make a point that not all Hip Hop is what you hear on the radio and not all Metal is like what you are exposed to.
Actually had I said pigeonhole things your rant may have gone somewhere.

However, I actually said I've always found it amazing how their hardcore aficianados pigeonhole the genres with the same ferocity of the jazz aficiandos.

If you study that comment a little harder than you did the first time you'll see I'm NOT saying all metal anything. The word all was your insertion not mine.

Also understand that I never make a comment on this forum that I don't either investigate or know something about first. Your assumptive opening comments about what you believe I know or don't know was poor tact and simply misinformed. Of course I know metal is diverse. My discussion revolved around the behavior of pigeoholers. Interestingly you rarely see this kind of pigeonholing in classical music and it's one of the reasons their fans don't come off so badly on the Internet in much the way of the jazz and metal aficianados. For example you don't see impressionists questioning the authenticity of Haydn classicists or try to determine if The Three Tenors are the real deal or just a poppy adaptation. It's just classical music...period.

Come on're better than this. You know as well as I do that hardcore (meaning behavior not genre specific) metal aficianados are the most vocal and demonstrative proponents of metal... and like the goofy jazz aficianados are bad for business.
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