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From Dom to you all:

Please send this to all your readers.....
"I am so humbled and inspired by what you all said. The brotherhood of drummers is the best! No other instrument has this. My Father was a Fireman and I learned from how they all treat and respect each other...we as drummers do the same thing! I travel the globe trying my best to give as much as I can, but it is every drummer that motivates me! The great questions, the endless passion, the incredible dedication and the honesty to the art form. This is what I learn from all the drummers I meet! My Italian grand parents once told me...'speak from your mind and not everyone will understand...but, speak from your heart and the world will hear your message!' I always try to give 110% each it is my last! Life is short and I want my last performance to be my best...whenever that is! When I feel like I am giving 100%, that is the time to give more! Each one of you reading this has a responsibility to your talent! Learn everyday and share it...give it away! You will reach people and inspire them to aspire! You are the next generation of drummers! Thank you all and I hope to meet you during my travels! If you see me...come up to me and say we met at DrummerWorld! Bernhard brings us all together...he is a rainmaker for drummers. Thanks Bernhard and thank you all! See you soon.....somewhere!"
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