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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Archives consider Sunn metal, they are the leading authority on metal and genre debate.
Someone I used to know got called "the leading authority in metal"
We called him "an elitist prick".

I just gave my personal opinion on a band.

Just because you don't find Linkin Park abrasive, does not mean that someone else doesn't.
The people who call Linkin Park "abrasive" usually think Nothing Else Matters is the heaviest Metallica get to.
A lot of people think Linkin Park are shit.

My point was never that Pantera were death metal, I have no idea how you gathered that.
You mentioned a ton of death metal bands in your first reply to me, then you mentioned Pantera.
I have no idea who you are or how your mind works or your background in heavy music so I assumed you were classing Pantera in with Morbid Angel.

And what I meant by that was, you can't judge all metal based on one or two artists, the genre has a plethora of sub-genres, more then any other style of music, and they are completely night and day. To take two well known examples, My Dying Bride and Cannibal Corpse.
Metal is heavy, it is one of the defining points, but it isn't always loud, it can be soothing, just because your tastes/idea of metal is something more along the lines of death metal/thrash, doesn't mean that softer, more melodic styles of metal are not metal, or that I made a mute point.
Thanks, I mean this in the nicest way when I say "you've just tried to teach me to
suck eggs".
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