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Default Nu Kreations Decals etc

I got this in the mail today from Nu Kreations Kustom Signs and Graphics.

It will take the place of the one I cut out of paper and stuck to the Bass head of my Bumble Bee Bop kit. It is a heavy plastic/pvc transfer. Well made and made to my specs. I'll need a smooth head now to affix it to but it will really set off the front of my refurbed kit. It was made by Dewey who posted an ad in the classified section. He was great to work with and emailed me at every step to check colors, specs etc. As for the price. It depends on the job, size colors etc. and you'll have to contact Dewey with your artwork to get an estimate. I would suggest giving him a shot is you need graphics for you drums or band. You can contact him at or look for his ad in the classified section, next to the last page, on the forum. Name on here is, Dewel919
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