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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
There are different degrees of heaviness, a lot of more folk/doom/post metal stuff isn't as abrasive as say, Linkin Park.
Which is funny as I don't find Linkin Park "abrasive" at all.

SunnO))) are a "Drone Doom" band, just noise to me not the same as Cathedral or Crowbar who really are a heavy band (in all senses of the word back in the 1990's) or Down...
They might be "heavy" but they're more "heavy" to a full on doom fanboy than to a metalhead.

My point was, not all metal is Pantera or Deicide, that is why I dislike people pigeon holing it.
Pantera weren't death metal, which was your point. </pedantics>

I'm fully aware of what metal is, as much as I love a few other styles, I live for metal.
It's part of my DNA, it's what gets me up in the morning (that an a sudden urge to pi**)
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