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I like a good hip hop song, and I like to dance and used to even have 12-inch subs in my trunk. Iím mid-thirties now though, and although I still listen to some, itís the stuff I grew up with like 2pac or Eazy-E.

What I do NOT like, is that every time someone says they enjoy rap on the internet, you have to deal with a post like that. So, logically many just assume that rap/hip hop is largely for morons and go about their way.

It was mentioned earlier that the whole gangsta thing has been beaten to death, and I totally agree! Rap is a special kind of music. Country largely deals with liquor/love/back roads, hard rock and rock deal with love, fast cars and liquor (many times) and rap deals with guns, violence, rape, gangs, prison and the like. So odd haha. what happened to the sir mix a lots and the DJ Jazzy Jeffs who had really good rap tunes without all the meaningless drivel?

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