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I really don't understand why so many people hate hip-hop and rap. Can you understand some of them? No. Why? Because it's their technique, just as Buddy Rich drummed fast, they spit lyrics fast. And everybody loves Buddy.

Also, some other person mentioned how they hated a certain band because of what they "think" the band is about. I honestly HATE it when a person doesn't like something based on the facts that he or she "think" a band or genre is something when in reality, he or she has no idea what the band/genre is about. I thought I would dislike spinach when I was younger because I always heard it was nasty and disgusting, when in reality, I love spinach now.

I can understand if someone doesn't like hip hop or rap, but at least listen to some of it. Some rappers are just horrible, I agree. But there are some (Talib, Mos Def, older Eminem) that just take hip hop and make it them. And they are GOOD at it.
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