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Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Spot on. Dilla for me is highly influential, as well as Madlib. Madlib`s Medicine Shows are so inspirational, his Shades Of Blue kisses me as an addicted to the sound of jazz culture. His Beat Konducta series....masterpieces. Oh and Mind Fusion. I couldn`t ever stop.....Liberation with Talib Kweli....

As for words, just enjoying that vibe.

I'm into Madlib as well. They do sort of pull on the jazz strings don't they?

This sidebar discussion about metal is interesting to me too. I've always found it amazing how their hardcore aficianados pigeonhole the genres with the same ferocity of the jazz aficiandos. You would have thought they would have learned from the jazz crowd that flailing away at what everybody thinks is and isn't only alienates your scene and dooms your stuff to underground status. Despite the extroidinary differences in the music itself, the only difference between the mindsets of jazz and metal lover /not always the musicians/ is that the metal guys think the jazz guys are after them too whereas the jazz crowd doesn't care what the metal guys think of them. IMO this is a recipe for failure. I've never been any particular fan of the metal stuff of any genre or classification, but I certainly respect those drummers. There's obviously some serious talent there, so it's ashame to see the metal self destruct button always on.
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