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Originally Posted by Hellwyck View Post
Thanks for telling me that, I had no idea... </sarcasm>
I wasn't being condescending.


but FYI, Beserker started out as an industrial solo project.
I know I'm from Melbourne.


Also, we didn't say metal, we said "mainstream rock"...
Anything "metal" that's lighter than Bon Jovi isn't metal in the first place.
There are different degrees of heaviness, a lot of more folk/doom/post metal stuff isn't as abrasive as say, Linkin Park.

The guys over at archives have great fun arguing this, they don't consider Grindcore metal but they do consider Sunn metal, who have no drums and create what is essentially ambiance with metal guitars.

My point was, not all metal is Pantera or Deicide, that is why I dislike people pigeon holing it.

Genres are an evil thing.
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