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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
So does four minutes of kick, snare, kick, snare with a few fills and a 4/4 hat pattern, common in almost all rock music.

It's a matter of taste, some extreme metal drumming is tasteless, this has a lot of variation, it just appears to blend together due to the speed at which it is played, Marco definitely grooves, in a tech death sense.

Go to three minutes in this,
Technically impressive and kinda cool. At least I hear what the guitar is playing.
I feel that when you push technique to this level, the compositions mostly become cluttered, incoherent and not at all enjoyable.

I really like technical stuff like Spiral Architect, Spastic inc, Meshuggah, Planet X, Panzerballett, Periphery and so on, but when it goes into Berzerker-mode with mega-triggered drums, fuzz so loud you can't tell the difference between any instruments and pig-vocals, I can't listen to it for more than some minutes(It's probably called techgrind or grindcore, if I'm not mistaken).

It's like trying to listen to Merzbow, if you like ambient/noise music. I see what he's doing but I can't listen to it, because it almost physically hurts my ears.

You may be right with the 4/4 thing, but if done right, it can be really sweet..

My favorite bands are the ones that challenge the listener, but also has some kind of musical and melodic context, and not only make technical music just to be technical(also, adding humor is always great).
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