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Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Most of the LPs I buy for hip hop mixes are made special meaning they're 99% scratch proof and they're made especially for Djs. You pay a little more for them.
That's interesting. Makes sense. I would have loved scratch proof LPs *sigh*. The prices are steep. I just checked out a site ... $89

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
But yeah I caused quite an uproar when my first mix got a lot of hits and all those jazz guys saw me butchering that Love Supreme album which WAS NOT scratch proof. It was also my Dad's record, and he knew nothing of it until he saw the youtube track a month or so later. Needless to say I had to go to Detroit to one of those LP collectibles places and spend really good money to replace the LP with another BRAND NEW LP. He wasn't accepting a CD. He wanted his LP. After that I left Dad's records alone lol.
lol - that was adventurous! When your Dad bought it, it was probably only $3. They're like gold now. Damn, if I'd known I could have donated Mum's horrible Nana Mouskouri LP to the cause - no loss there. Funky scratch Greek MOR - yeeha :)
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