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People will always be like this. No matter how open minded one is, they will always prefer what they grew up with, generally anyway. Or at least be more comfortable with it. Like when Miles Davin approached Bran Marsailes to join his new wave group. Branford said no, because Miles didn't understand funk. He grew up listening to earth wind and fire, james brown and curtis mayfield. There was nothing miles could tell him about funk. People might want to move on. But a 60year old today, no matter how good of a musician, will not be as comfortable with, say, hip hop as a 25 year old one. Its incoded in us! :)

There have been so many times where I'd be on a jazz run, non stop jazz listening. And one day I'd turn on 2pac, and forget about all other music. Its what I have been listening to since I was 8 years old. Thats why guys in old folk homes listen to big band music rather than kanye. Both talented, no matter what type of guy he is, Kanye is one of the few genius' in popular music today.

Every AVERAGE person won't want to be explorative with their music, they'll listen to what they know they like, thats why we remain faithful to the music of our youth. Just what I think anyway
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