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Originally Posted by FelipeJose View Post
There are plenty "musicians' that easily write-off hip-hop/rap as being "less than" music. The reality is that as long as we devalue other artists' vehicles for expression we're a) not doing our art any good and b) we're taking away from our own ability to communicate and express ourselves to others.

Well said. It is not lesser music. It is the music that is part of the modern culture. The newer generations have a right to "their" music just as I did to "my" music. My Led Zeppelin's are not lesser music compared to my father's Frank Sinatra's.

It's when people put down stuff, just because it doesn't do anything for them, that makes them old, closed off and bitter. I have done this myself in the past. It's easy to do. But I don't want to be "that" guy anymore. Where does that get you? We're all on the same team, right? If you can't participate, coach?
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