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Default Re: I can't take it anymore! Wife smokes, I don't. Tips are welcome!

Thanks for all the tips and input!

Divorce is a bit extreme. I do love her very much and I understand that it's very hard to quit, plus like I mentioned I smoked when we met, which would make that a little extra effed up.

Sex is fine. She's very self conscious about it during intimate times and before it gets too hot and heavy she always washes her face, hands, brushes her teeth, etc. She does this on her own, thankfully. I've never had to ask her to de-stink for that.

Thankfully she doesn't smoke in the house.

What's odd is it seems that some smokers reek more than others. I can definitely smell it on any smoker but it really tends to stick to her, plus she smokes quite a bit. It doesn't normally make me nauseous, but it has before and at best it's 'very foul'.

keep it simple,
Great tips! I like the idea of being able to spend as much on drumming as she does on smoking, but there's a catch to that (because I've actually brought this up). I take various MMA classes, and I go to a really high-end gym, which costs more than her smoking per/month and she has mentioned for this to be fair then I'd have to quit all of that. Plus I spend more on food then she does cuz I eat 5 meals a day and such. But nice angle!
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