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I wish I was more open minded. At the same time, I know what I like. Music has the ability to really resonate with people...or not.

It's really the same kind of debate about what foods you like. There are some foods that you just aren't going to like, no matter what anybody says. Should I feel "less than" for not liking beets? Or should I not be concerned with that and extract as much enjoyment I can from the foods I do like? I'm with the latter. Opinions are good. Dislikes are a part of life. I don't know that the person exists that likes every single style of music ever created. So it's OK to not be moved by something that moves others. I don't feel I should force myself to have to like any music just because it's new and happening. If I don't like it, I can't force myself to like it. If it doesn't appeal to me, I just look elsewhere. Music is extremely personal.

Anybody who faults others for not liking a certain kind of music, saying things like,"how can this not touch you?"....To those people I'd ask, Isn't there any music you don't like too? If you have no dislikes in the world of music, then my hat goes off to you. I'm guessing those people would be a tiny percentage. Every person I know has a range of music they like, and a range they don't like or even hate. I know of no one that likes it all. That's what makes the world go 'round. Gotta embrace that. Viva la difference!

Even though I'm not a hip hop/rap fan, there are some hip hop passages I do like.
Just for some lightness at our gigs, I'm learning the rap from the beginning of the "Fresh Prince" TV show to do at our gigs. I have a feeling it will go over great.
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