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I thought you were refering exclusively to the sound (sorry about that). Dailor has some sick chops, but I still feel he throws in too many fills, and his beats seem to be broken up by the fills, rather than complimented by them. He is a very good drummer-there is no doubting that, but I juist feel that in his case, "a little dab will do ya".
I like to think of fills like a person would think of speaking; Why say something in 15 words when you can say them in 5? In drumming, you should do the opposite: play something you play in 5 beats over 15 beats. Of course, drum fills require a lot of finesse, but knowing when brevity and longevity will suit the song best requires more skillty. In my opinion, spreading fills over a long period of time, in other words - playing a fill rarely but making it count each time - has a better effect than filling every 10 beats or so.

- Marc
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