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Originally Posted by FelipeJose View Post
Reading through this thread, I found it interesting that alot of the criticisms about hip-hop and rap run parallel to what people were using to criticize guys like Dizzy, Bird, 'Trane, Miles, Sonny 60, 70, even 80 years ago.

Now I'm not saying that rappers are necessarily as talented as someone like Miles (Quincy just laid a brilliant smack down on a journalist that tried to compare Kanye to him), but the foothold hip hop has in pop culture right now is tied strongly to the role that jazz once played during the 30's through the 60's.
Great post!

I've said it a million times. If Miles Davis, Coltrane and Mingus were to show up right now they would be hip hop artists. I'm totally into it... and if Tony Royster were to miss his plane I would be doing everything possible to be in on his JayZ gig. I've also been scratching for years and kept 2 turntables on 24/7 next to my bed in high school, and made side money in ATL scratching at house parties. Some of those Djs are big time serious.

Although I like the old school guys more than the current batch, I still find it interesting that so many continue to diss this stuff with the same 30 year old insults. Sure you can like ot hate anything you want, but I think it's silly to continue to wear out the illiteracy angle when a lot of these guys are some of the most literate people I know.

Besides, why are their lyrics held up within the context of actual language? Would some of you 60s and 70s guys like to go back and justify some of that inane Baby Baby yeah yeah foolishness you used to pass off as lyricism? And yes, the OP used some abbreviated Twitter speak to feign some imagined hip hop coolness.. but again, can none of you former champions of polyester bellbottoms and hair down to your ankles not recall your own secret groovy talk language? I remember watching Billy Jack and not having a clue as to what most of the characters were saying.

I think it's all about the times we live in. When I'm 60 some kid will be playing my idea of jumbled space music and I'll be screaming how he's certainly no Tupac.

Well...actually I already do that.

Lil Wayne?

No...oh well.
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