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Originally Posted by tambian89
Portnoy's Polyrhythms and Hemiolas are unparalleled in his genre.
Dunno about that. I'll put Morgen Agren and Thomas Haake on the table for discussion here, both for their work with Fredrik Thordendal.

Also, I think people credit DT and Portnoy with far too much. Neither of them are doing anything seriously new in a big way. Neither are Tool, who also get too much credit for their mish-mash of the Melvins and King Crimson. Both Danny Carey and Mike Portnoy work off a lot of the same sources, Carey is an amalgamation of 70s prog and fusion drummers (Bill Bruford, Billy Cobham, Alan White etc) with more stripped-back rock and alt-rock players (John Bonham, Sim Cain from Rollins Band etc). Portnoy is more of a stylistic decendant of 80s prog drummers (Neil Peart, notably) and heavy metal players (Lars Ulrich, Vinnie Paul etc).

Naturally that leaves their styles sounding a bit different, but that doesn't make Portnoy's approach to progressive playing "better" or more serious. Personally I prefer Danny Carey's approach, I find it a lot more musical and a lot less obvious. But that's just me. I don't think there's any objective criteria you can point to that makes either of them better than the other.
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