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Default Back on the bass and putting out some music!

Hey Everybody,

I've got a couple drum sessions coming up this month but thought I would post a real big thing coming up for me.

My main instrument is the bass. Electric and upright. Electric in this case though. I'm finally putting out some of my music and have a bunch more in the pipeline.

Check out this Kickstarter thing I've got going. It's a great site and has been very helpful. It may be a great use to some of you as well. Brandon Etzler on the drums here.

And here's a link to a much more hi-res video (same video as on the Kickstarter page but in HD)...

Anyway, I've reached my goal with this thing but still have two weeks left. If you dig what you hear and dig the rewards, feel free to pledge. I'd encourage it even. =)

Thanks for listenin'.
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