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Originally Posted by DrummerDad
I dont experiment much with music. The tastes of most are weird to me. Are there any other drummers, who can actually play like him? Im talking about the stuff where his feet are playing 3-4 time, and he cymbal crashes on 4-4 time, or where he plays in a 4-4 time while the band plays in a 3-4 or 6-8. His timing is superb if you ask me. And he's a triple threat. Clean, Fast, and Technical. I know Rush has played weird time sigs before, but its like these guys could care less about a time sig. If the words require a 5-8 in the first measure and a 3-4 or 7-8 in the next, so be it.I think its borderline genious. Any one else play like that, if so who?
DrummerDad has a point. Danny Carey may be able to do what Portnoy does, but Portnoy is one of the first of his kind. Peart layed down some of this style in the 80's with Rush, but Portnoy picks up from there. Images and Words has some of the best drumming I've ever heard. Portnoy's Polyrhythms and Hemiolas are unparalleled in his genre. Tool is not as progressive ; Danny Carey's drumming fits more into the alternative metal of Tool, not progressive. Carey is still a very good drummer, no doubt, but I firmly believe Portnoy is better.
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