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Originally Posted by Fuo View Post
Haha. Yea I think the most disappointing day of my life was the day NW(1) came out. I was addicted to Baldur's Gate, so when NW was announced I was expecting the best thing ever... and it wasn't :(

Dragon Age was great though, not up there with Baldurs, but still a good game. 4 people parties just wasn't enough, 6 was perfect. With 4 it was just to limited, there wasn't enough flexibility... You needed a healer, and there was only 1 i think (that old chick), then your main character, then you only had 2 slots to play with...
Dragon Age had more of an action rpg feel, partly due to the fact it wasn't D&D based, more core MMO gameplay, simplified for console.

I really liked Neverwinter, the actual gameplay for a one person d&d style experience was spot on, far more entertaining then BG shadows of amn gameplay, but the story was linear without the depth; you had choice, but it all led to the same conclusions and it held your hand too much.

The thing that won me other with BG, above all over games, almost of all time, was the story, it had the depth of a beautifully written fantasy novel and it carried it, you actually felt for the characters.

I know Final Fantasy was doing that on the SNES, but most games didn't immerse you in who the characters were until we got BG, I credit it a lot for that.

I am a huge one for story, and I love the story in Dragon Age, it is an involving world, with multiple nations, traditions, histories and the way it handles origins and relationships is very tasteful and actually enchances the experience.

I'd be hard pressed not to call Dragon Age 2 my most anticipated game, but this year has so many titles I'm looking forward to coming out.

I mean, on the fighting front, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and MK, then you have new Uncharted, new Elder Scrolls, Killzone 3, the new id software ip... the list goes on and on.
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