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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Of this generation probably Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age (or as I like to call it, the real neverwinter nights 2), Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain. Oh and Super Street Fighter 4 of course, but that goes without saying.
Haha. Yea I think the most disappointing day of my life was the day NW(1) came out. I was addicted to Baldur's Gate, so when NW was announced I was expecting the best thing ever... and it wasn't :(

Dragon Age was great though, not up there with Baldurs, but still a good game. 4 people parties just wasn't enough, 6 was perfect. With 4 it was just to limited, there wasn't enough flexibility... You needed a healer, and there was only 1 i think (that old chick), then your main character, then you only had 2 slots to play with...
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