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Might I say the new MK is the first time I've been looking forward to a MK game since the original ps2 one came out (that was a pretty fail game, lots of unlocks though). They brought my favourite character back, I love Jax, always been a fan of the big, slow, heavy, hard hitting types in games.

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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I'll probably get bored one day and pop it back in. I loved the 1st one, but couldn't get into the 2nd (altho I didn't give it too much of a chance).

My all time favorites would probably be:

Zelda - Link to the Past
Mortal Kombat 2
Doom (1&2)
Baldur's Gate (1&2)
Dark Age of Camelot

My wife actually bought me a MK3 arcade machine last year for my birthday and I got a MK2 PCB for it off eBay, but I've been too lazy to install it... I really need to get around to that.
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