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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

No problem. and we are all drummer friends here.. so we must have good intention.. of course !!

Anyway.. I want to definitely point this toward drum kits.. and not based on snares. My experience with almost all of my German Sonor's were that when taken apart.. the lugs, brackets, etc.. were not up to the same level of qc as Tama. They were not as clean at the edges and the metal was not as perfectly smooth as the Tama pieces.. The drum shells, while the Sonor's were fine.. they were not as cleanly constructed with regard to plies and perfect edges as the Tama.. This., Yung.. was MY experience. Also.. keep in mind.. the newer generation like late Designer to SQ is metal parts by KHS. Go check Sonormuseum.

If you want to find individuals with issues on current SQ.. just go read on Sonormuseum and they are definitely there. Also with Designer issues to for build quality. Can you find me a number of Japan Starclassic Maple owners with significant problems ??
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