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Default Re: Most Beautiful Piece Of Music You've Heard

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
It seems almost trite to mention it, simply because of its ubiquity...but it stands almost alone in music, for me.

Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings

Also, Barber's choral 'agnus dei' arrangement has a special power. The version I know best is the one from Homeworld. If you've played the game you'll remember it as the music on the third mission when they come back to find Kharak destroyed while they were away. That is one of the most affecting moments in any game, for me. Maybe it's something to do with home.
I do remember that and share that sentiment.

That is a very nice string video, but so quiet, I could hardly hear it.

Here is another one I almost forgot,

Sudeki Da Ne by Japanese folk goddess Rikki,
A disquiet mind at therapy with the music.
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