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Default Re: Musicians Classified for minors?

Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
Did a craigslist ad, but I doubt anyone will reply. Anyone got any more suggestions?
Making your own ad isn't a bad idea, but did you happen you check out and see what other ads were already there? Many times there's already formed bands looking for drummers.

Another thing you can do is go to and type in "drummer seeking band" and you will get many different sites relating to what you are looking for.

I understand you are young, but the best way to meet musicians is to go where musicians are. Check out some all ages venues in your area and start introducing yourself to people.

Also, check out your local music stores. Many times you will find not only flyers for upcoming local shows, but also ads for bands needing members. And talk to the folks that work there. Sometimes they know of bands needing members just from dealing with musicians on a day to day basis.
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