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Thanks Chaos! I was actually able to find the original ad for the contest that lists the kits specs so here goes:

The Grand Prize is a complete replica of the drumset used by Mike on disc 2 of the Hudson Music “In Constant Motion DVD, including: Tama “Mirage Black Ice” 20 ̋x22 ̋ bass drum, 7 ̋x8 ̋, 8 ̋x10 ̋ and 9 ̋x12 ̋ rack toms, 12 ̋x14 ̋ and 14 ̋x16 ̋ floor toms, 5 ̋x12 ̋ Steel and 5.5 ̋x14 ̋ Maple “Melody Master” Limited Edition MP Signature snare drums, Iron Cobra double bass drum pedal and hi-hat, RoadPro snare and cymbal and tom stands; Sabian 7 ̋ Radia cup chime, 7 ̋, 9 ̋ and 11 ̋ MP Signature Max Spashes, Low and Mid MP Signature Max Stax, 14 ̋ HHX Groove hi-hats, 16 ̋ HHX Extreme crash, 18 ̋ HHX chinese, 17 ̋ AA medium crash, 19 ̋ HH thin crash, 20 ̋ HH chinese and 22 ̋ HH Rock ride; Remo Pinstripe batter and Ambassador clear resonant heads on toms and bass drum, Coated CS and Ambassador snare heads on snare drums; Pro-Mark #TX420N MP Autograph drumsticks. The total retail value of this kit is over $15,000.

I plan on setting the entire kit up on a white background and taking some professional photos (since I'm a photographer)

The only thing that will decrease value though is that UPS dropped the bass drum and the acrylic is split on the bottom all the way to the wood ring that holds the head on it. I called Tama and they sent me a brand new kick drum (hardware and all) which is awesome but still not part of the original set. The set does come with it though.
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