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Default Re: Poll: Xbox or Playstation

Playstation, it is a technically superior console, the games are on a superior format of disc, the controller is bluetooth, not IR and doesn't require you to constantly change the batteries. It is motion sensitive, has better exclusive titles unless you are a halo/gears fanboy (uncharted anyone? how about some Demon's souls?) and to top it all off, you don't pay to play on-line. Oh did I mention that the controller is symmetrical and actually comfortable to hold? You don't strain your left thumb on the analog stick while fumbling with the left triggers.

I'd rather my console be just that, a console, not a windows box that gets cable and has a chunky OS.

My Playstation has never suffered from red rings of death or heating issues, I know two people that own both Xbox and playstation, both of their playstations work fine, their xboxes broke within eighteen months.

Xbox has a huge following in America because it is American. That doesn't hold weight here. Most people remember the playstation era, and followed Sony through that generation, and the one after before the late arrival of the original xbox.

/end rant.
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