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Default Re: Twitter?

I'm on it, (@BrownCornelius, if you want to add). I like it personally, I'm following a whole host of rappers and emcees, a few drummers from my favorite bands, several comedians, and news and tech writers. It's handy, that's how I found out that the White Stripes were splitting, ?uestlove tweeted it one morning and then I just started hunting around the interweb for more info about it.

There are a few things about it that I can't stand, like the unnecessary retweets by people I'm following. Unnecessary, in the context of there's no news or information in it, its more of them receiving praise for what they're doing. I don't mind it from time to time, but when you see 7 or 8 minutes of solid retweets by the same cat, it gets a little obnoxious.
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