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Tre Cool is one of the most popular rock drummers around today. Most kids who start drumming definetly have some experience with Greenday so they look into that drummer. Basicly everyone knows about Greenday, and with their like 8 total grammy wins and 5 or 6 hit videos they are basicly impossible to be unheard of. Most kids that start reminesence of greendays success, look into his drumming and instantly get hooked on Tre's innonative yet simple beats, thrashy cymbals hits , and fast tom work. That's how everyone gets addicted to Tre. Tre is definetly one of my favorite drummings closey behind barker and peart. He began at age 12 and basicly taught himself so you don't expect someone that was basicly self taught to know everything about rudiments, tempo, and all that stuff. Tre just likes to have fun with his drumming, I don' think he cares what people think. He makes millions of dollars a year doing something he loves I don't think he should start getting cocky and trying new things that can mess up his image and stuff.

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