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Originally Posted by Benson View Post
Ok first of all, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, but I'm not really sure where I should go.

A few years ago I won a contest for a Mike Portnoy replica drumset. Its the Tama Starclassic black ice mirage acrylic set. Came with about 13 new sabian cymbals, mike's drum heads (played) and a set of new ones. 2 custom snare drums, bass drum, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18" toms, all hardware, iron cobra double bass pedal, throne etc.

This set really is incredible, but I just dont have the time or the space to play this set anymore so I was thinking about selling. Does anyone know where I might go about trying to sell this?
I think it'd be better if you had more details on cymbal specs and such too, and probably pictures in order to get more people interested.... include the tom depths and everything too, etc.

Are you selling ALL of it, just the kit, willing to sell things separately, etc. All of those things are questions I'd ask a seller before even considering buying something.
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