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Default Re: The price of concert tickets

Originally Posted by Kevin Jorrey View Post
I completely agree. Support local and smaller bands.

I went on a 3 week tour all around the north and south side of the east coast. There were only 3-4 shows that had a decent crowd.

Every day we would get there early, promote the heck out of the show by making friends and going places to meet new people.

This is how bands used to get people to come to shows. Nowadays, people just want to stay at home.

Money is tight I understand, I lost tons of money on tour. But there were many times where the gig was free to get into. And people wouldn't even buy a t-shirt after they told us how much they enjoyed it and can't wait until we come back.

Which brings me back. Support local or out of town bands that are coming through. If we don't do this, the only kind of "music" we are going to hear is Lady Gaga or whoever else the higher ups think they can make a buck off of.

I apologize for the extremely long post.
Funny, I played a show at Checkers (I'm from Genoa, close to BG) and played with a band I absolutely couldn't stand at all, yet after the show I told them they played a good set, and asked if I could buy a t-shirt. They didn't have any merch, so I didn't get a shirt.
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