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Default Re: The price of concert tickets

A funny thing that has spawned because of ticket prices is the concept of the tribute band. At Disney I've done sound for Hotel California, which is, you guessed, an Eagles tribute band. Another one called "Diamond" does a Neil Diamond show. There's a group called the "80s All-Stars" that do all the embarrassingly cool stuff from the 80s - and what's funnier about them is that each guy is a character - the bass player is called Devo, and he wears the flower pot hat, sometimes they have a guitarist called Motley (guess who he looks like), the drummer wears a Karate outfit and the singer has the neon hair wig.

And these bands are in addition to the plethora of Beatles and Elvis bands already out there. And as always, competition is fierce among these groups, so they're always out-doing one another in customer service and how good the music can be played. It's amazing - I could close my eyes and almost see Don Henley singing!

It's a shame the price has skyrocketed on name talent doing big venues, but the economy is just this way right now. When I look at the amount of labor we need at Disney to put on a rock concert, that's expensive and the talent is coming to us! I can imagine loading all that stuff onto trucks and taking it around the world. I just got done reading Stewart Copeland's book about his life (which covered the Police reunion) and watched their "Certifiable" DVD and it's amazing what it takes to get those guys around the world. It didn't surprise me. I paid $100 a ticket for nose bleed seats at Dodger Stadium when they came to town, and being a fan, I thought it was worth it.
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