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Default Re: Poll: Xbox or Playstation

Originally Posted by Zeus Mutation View Post
Xbox 360... because Sony lost me when they kept me waiting for Blue Ray. Now with streaming movies and DirecTV I don't need a 3 in 1 player. Oh and I bought a blue Ray player forever ago, sorry Sony.
HAH! Enjoy your borked XBL with increasing monthly payments. Also, you don't happen to have any HD-dvds lying around? Oh wait, that's because blue-ray made them obsolete, my bad.
Also, try playing around in Halo and not come across a gang of homophobic 14 year olds who constantly lashes out against anyone.

Console wars are as stupid as debating on which car is the best. It all comes down to what you prefer. I have both Xbox360 and Ps3, but I seem to be using the Ps3 more since it has better support on video-files, plays blue-ray(yes, I'm not bothering to buy a standalone player), free online gaming(now with the addition of Playstation Plus, you can get the same XBL-feeling if you want), also some nice exclusives like LittleBigPlanet 1-2, Uncharted 1-2, Metal Gear. I was also smart enough to get the Playstation 60gig with backwards compatibility, so I can play my PSX and PS2 games. What more can I ask?
The only thing I dislike about the playstation is that the L2 and R2 seem to be pointed the wrong way on the controller.

Oh and for the love of god "drummaster6", no one wants to watch your videos. Stop spamming!
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