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Default Re: Mics and a PowerBook

Originally Posted by Mario Vincent
Hey, I've always had my own mics for amplification but I've just got a PowerBook and I want to record onto it... this is clearly not my field so any suggestions would be good... what do I need...


Two options.

1) Use a mixer and a bunch of outboard gear and just present a stereo signal to the powerbook and record it. The bad option.

2) Buy a nice 8in/8out firewire audio unit (and possibly an external 8-channel preamp depending on what unit you buy), plug it into your powerbook and run something like DP, Logic, ProTools or Cubase to record each microphone as a separate audio track. Get a bunch of effect plugins and use them to add EQ, compression and reverb.

Voila, nice sounding drums either way. One way does it all in the physical realm with physical effects processors and the other way does it all in the digital realm. The reason the 2nd way is better in my opinion is that you can re-mix and tweak the individual sounds after recording and you don't have to commit to putting effects on a live take.

It's all pretty expensive though, I have to say. I'm the opposite of you, I have all the computer gear but lack the microphones and have to borrow them...
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