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-I know Nutha compiled a list of Zep songs with tricky drum parts, and I have to add "In my time of Dying" to that. It's amazing how Bonham and Jones stay so tight through the entire thing.
-Personally, I prefer Bonzo's Montreaux over Moby Dick, although I have no idea if it was recorded in one take (BTW, is he playing a steel drum as well?)
-I've always wondered about one of the versions of "How Many More Times" on the DVD (it's in black and white and on a TV show of some kind). About 2/3rds into the song they all pause, camera closes up on Bonzo who's looking pretty motionless, and you hear what sounds like machine gun fire. I've gone back and watched it many times and can't figure out if the infamous right foot is somehow involved. Anyone with insight to this?
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