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A brief history of my gaming: OG Nintendo and then I dropped off the face of the planet when it came to video games until the PS2. Aside from periodically hanging out with friends and playing with them. Goldeneye was the ish.

I had what you could consider a serious addiction to the Hitman franchise on the PS2 console, and I'm cop fighting mad about the fact that they haven't even gotten into the current gen console. Madden and NHL were also big for me. Not to mention GTA Vice City (the best GTA in my opinion) and San Andreas (the best GTA soundtrack).

All of the Call of Duty games have been pretty enjoyable on the PS3, I'm a bit partial to the Infinity Ward stuff myself. Metal Gear Solid has been great as well.

Although, I'm a little worried that games have gotten too immersive and elongated (maybe it's just from my perspective). I'm 26 now; I unfortunately don't have the time to spend hours playing Madden and honing my skills like I did 5-10 years ago. Metal Gear Solid, as cool as it is, is freaking loooooooong. My PS3 spins more DVDs and Blu-Ray discs than it does games now a days.
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