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Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
I'm with you mostly. I like Half Life 2, but the original game is just better. My Uncle gave me a copy when I was about 12 for Christmas and it's a game that I fire up and really try to perfect, even now. It's the intensity of it that gets to me - no video sequences, very little time in scripted motion. It's just pure first-person and I love that.

One of the other games I still play from being very young (3!) is Prince of Persia. I've never managed to get beyond level 7 and it still drives me insane 19 years later.
I prefer the original half life as well, but even that doesn't compete with Deus Ex, one of my all time favorite games. Made on the half-life engine, that game was an absolute revelation and there wouldn't be half the shooters with rpg elements like Mass Effect without it. The new one keeps getting delayed, but I'd say it would have to be my most anticipated game at the moment, and there are a few, I mean how good does the new Mortal Kombat look.

Originally Posted by Hellwyck View Post
I'm still a huge supporter of the "playability over graphics" ethos and while I love games like Half Life 2 and whatnot, I still go back to games like Super Mario Bros. for the NES and arcade games like Gauntlet, Track & Field, Paperboy, and the Sega classics like Enduro Racer, Space Harrier, Outrun (although Outrun2 is feckin' amazing!)
Nothing wrong with that, I'm a first generation gamer and I regularly go back to my Master System/Megadrive and play long forgotten classics.
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