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Originally Posted by Fuzrock View Post
I love Bioshock and am an even bigger fan of the Half Life 2 series. They're becoming more and more like interactive movies where you experience the entire spectrum of emotions. Then there are the lighter hearted games like Little Big Planet and LBP2 that I play with my seven year old daughter. Those games were made by some very creative people. I just can't wait to see what's around the corner. If we could see ten or fifteen years into the future, it would blow our minds.
Ken Levine was inspired greatly by Half Life when creating Bioshock, it was a fantastic, original game, it was such a shame that the second one, while solid, re-used too much of what made the original good.

The next one looks particularly interesting, the whole concept behind it (a Freudian beauty and the beast love story mixed with a detective tale) looks incredibly detailed. The setting is not in Rapture either, rather a floating city, and the backstory behind that city looks really interesting.
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