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Here's a drum I got in Santa Fe. It's a native drum made out of a tree that had split into two trunks

And here's another native drum, I included my kit in the picture so you can get an idea of how huge this thing is.

Here's an assortment of most of my hand percussion.

From left to right it would be; a set of bongos, a tiny little conga, a set of australian clave like things, a tambourine, and a hand made ceramic doumbek (my favorite!)

And then those miniature congas by Hidalgo are amazing! They sound and feel like the real sized thing hehe

A frame drum, shaker, and tambourine hanging from the wall...

A small, lovely gong

Wind chimes that sound like some middle eastern key or something its nothing like american made chimes

you've probably heard of the roland handsonic before. great stuff (and its to the side in between my two kits so i can play it at the same time)

Agogo bells or something from africa. I wanna put them onto my kit too haha

A Triton, Karma, and Fantom... all have some sweet drum loops and stuff

and finally an mpc 4000 drum machine

I know this post is long haha so you can get rid of it or move it to a seperate thread if you want Nutha lol!
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