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I used to think people just didn't quite understand how great Rap/Hip Hop is... The freedom to create sounds and grooves has always appealed to me. My first purchased tape was Ice-T Power, that along with my mixed tape of NWA and I was set.

I can barely stand the genre today... people like Drake are so weak and terrible on the mic. Writing lyrics is different from spitting them. I still love certain stuff but overall its terrible right now, Kinda like a lot of Metal when I was younger... I think everything goes in cycles.

Roots, Questlove... great idea & style
Not a Jay Z fan cuz he'd be nobody if BIG & Pac were alive. However, the real band and rapping over them is awesome.

When I think of drums I think of all the killer music from R&B, Funk, Soul, Disco, etc. I grew up loving metal but the genera's I mentioned got me into drums.
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