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Originally Posted by drummaster6 View Post
Hi George, how did you get your bass drums speed that fast, your playing rocks
thanks a lot man,
speed is something that comes only with pushing,i happen to play Thrash/Death Metal so there you go...i had to play fast anyways...
Then, getting into the more extreme metal drumming things are getting complicated, you definitely need to play a lot and also understand what you do there, we are the ones to improve our technique, all books and DVDs are adding something you ALREADY know what i mean?
But like i said, the more you believe into something and you do it a lot you always get results. I wanted to play fast, i liked fast music so that's it.

As far as exercises and workouts go, i am about to post some great ones on my website, there will be on in about a week since we are updating the whole site. Simple and effective ones...please give them a chance!
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