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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

I grew up with a father who played Jazz on Saturday mornings and Classical on Sundays. I was also 9 when the Beatles came out in 1962.
Listening and growing up with music was the norm for me. I started practicing drums when the British Invasion hit North America first on furniture and finally on a Stewart snare my dad bought me. Between 1962 and 1975 I played. Once I got married I stopped until a month ago when I bought my Pearls.
For me playing drums just made sense. Don't ask me why but dispite what we have to do just to be able to play everything made sense. I ate, slept, did the air drumming, played on the real thing, the whole nine yards. Even after a 30 year absence it still has been a life long love affair that only a few of us can't explain.
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